Promotional product catalogues can be overwhelming. So many options, so little time! How can brands weed through the clutter and get to those perfect pieces of swag? There are 3 traits successful promotional products have:

High Quality
Consistency With Brand Culture
The products you purchase will be a representation of your brand and leave an impression. They will be reminders of your products and services and create a feeling about your company.
A really cool T-Shirt with a great graphic can become a collectors piece and create conversation. Beats headphones can serve as a reminder of your quirky brand attitude. An iWallet or Charger could be attached to someone’s phone and be a useful gadget that makes life easier.
Which specific products to purchase depends on your company, your brand, your audience, and your event. But one thing is universally true: getting the cheapest item within a certain category is not the right mindset to have. You don’t have to spend a ton of money and buy the most expensive items, but purchasing promotional products should be done with thoughtfulness and strategy. Our landfills are already full, so give your customers something they’ll love for years to come.
All of the most fun and interesting projects I’ve worked on were done with a thought-before-budget mentality. Sometimes the most intriguing projects are a completely custom item made overseas. Other times they’re kits of items that are all pieced together with thoughtful presentation. Those are the projects that I enjoy putting together, and the projects that resonate deeply with customers.